Spotlight Player: Arielle Howell

Nicole Sargent of UW Women's Water Polo Club

Seattle, WA -- Meet UW Gold, co-captain, Arielle Howell (#6, Olympia, WA). Arielle is a sophomore, in her second year with the team. After years of competitive swimming, she thought to give water polo a shot. Lucky for UW she did, as she is often the team's sprinter and one of the fastest people in the pool.

Arielle group up in Olympia, WA and began her swimming career with Thurston Olympic Swim Club and Evergreen Swim Club competing in the 50yd and 100yd freestyle. Little known fact about her, is that she hated swimming at first and would cry and throw tantrums to get out of practice. But with a little gentle push from her mom, she stuck with it and the rest is history.

After realizing there was no swim club at UW, Arielle figured what the heck, and thought to give water polo a try. Despite a lack of previous playing experience, Arielle took to the game pretty quickly, with not just being a fast swimmer, but a tenacious defender as well; never backing down no matter who she was guarding.

"Arielle is one of those players that can quickly put a smile on any coaches face," said head coach, Rudy Ramirez. "She is extremely hard working and persistent, constantly trying to learn the game and never beats herself up for not knowing something. She's always improving. Hence a natural fit to lead the UW Gold team this year."

In her first season ever of water polo, Arielle posted: 1 block, 2 assists, 8 steals, 4 ejections earned and 3 goals.

"Arielle is one of the hardest workers on the team," remarked teammate, Karli Stevenson. "She has the kind of work ethic that really pushes the rest of us to step up for every game and practice. It's a huge motivator to have a teammate like Arielle who puts so much heart and intention into every part of the sport. She's a fantastic player."

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