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Spotlight Player: Lacy Chun

Nicole Sargent of UW Women's Water Polo Club

Seattle, WA -- Meet co-captain Lacy Chun (#12). Lacy is in her final year at the University of Washington and currently plays as one of the team's utilities.

Lacy's leadership has led the Huskies to their current #9 rank in the CWPA national poll and undefeated streak in the Northwest Division.

Lacy is the only player on the team to hail from Hawaii where she grew up on the island of Oahu and played at Kamehameha. It was there where she developed a strong foundation for fundamentals and a deep understanding of the game. Her polo IQ and her work ethic are just a few of the reasons why it was such a no-brainer when she was selected to be captain of this team.

"Lacy is someone who is constantly thinking about others and how she can help them out, whether it be in or out of the pool," said fellow teammate Mary Elizabeth Ward. "She is always working hard and finding ways to improve at practice and in games, while still staying on top of everyone else too, which has allowed her to become a key leader in the team's success."

Lacy has contributed 8 assists, 6 steals, an ejection earned, and 5 goals to the Huskies this year. But in addition to these stats, as well as her perfect passes and her calm demeanor under pressure, it's her immeasurable contributions that really set her apart.

"Lacy is not only an amazing friend outside of the pool but is as great of a teammate you could ever have," said Jalene Weatherholt when asked her thoughts on playing with Lacy these past two seasons. "She leads our team with such a positive attitude that even in the heat of conditioning, you can hear her cheering us all on. Her skill set and consistency as a player has made her an essential element to our team's success."

The team will be sad to lose the senior standout as she will be graduating in June with a degree in Biology with a Nutrition minor. After college, Lacy will be sharing her amazing leadership skills with students as she has signed on with Teach for America next year back in her home state of Hawaii.

Coach, Rudy Ramirez had this to add: "I'm going to try my best not to shed tears when she leaves us, but Lacy is one of those irreplaceable people. I'm so proud of her; and where she is headed after graduating shows exactly what amazing talent and character this team has outside of the pool."

After securing the Northwest Division title for the second consecutive year, Lacy will have one more tournament to play with the team, as the Lady Huskies are headed to Pittsburgh, PA to compete in the Collegiate Club National Championships as the #7 seed.

To help get the Huskies to Pittsburgh, you can make a contribution online. For the latest up-to-date info on the upcoming tournament, and what the Huskies are doing to get ready, don't forget to follow the them on Twitter at their handle @UW_WaterPolo.


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