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UW Women's Water Polo Wraps up First Two Weeks of Training

Seattle, WA -- The University of Washington Women's Water Polo Club has just completed their first two weeks of training and over 20 hours in the pool for 2016.

Although the club trains all school year starting in September, the first practices of the new year are always an important milestone. It's here where the club shifts from shaking the rust off and getting swim yardage and polo fundamentals in, to hitting the ground hard with more intense practices and a focus on goals for the season.

For the first two weeks of every winter quarter, the Huskies go four days a week Monday-Thursday, 7-9:30pm and also have scrimmage opportunities with the local Seattle masters programs.

The workouts during this time usually consists of:

  • 1200-1500 yds of high intensity, short set swims.

  • Intense leg workouts such as Iron(wo)man, the gauntlet and jugs to name a few.

  • Fundamental passing drills with constant motion involved; then more ellaborate and game time simulation passing drills.

  • 20 min+ of shooting, again with motion.

  • Another 20 min+ of counterattack combining all the previous drills.

  • Practice one new offense, defense, ejection offense or defense.

  • Finish with high intensity scrimmage.

To commemorate all the hard work, all the playersgives each other a round of applause at the end of the two weeks and finish by chowing down on massive cupcakes.

This years group features 9 new players including 5 freshmen. This years team will be especially competitive and focused on winning the Northwest Division Championship.

Interested in joining and being part of one of the most successful club sports at UW? Then check out the Prospective Players section on the team website.

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